Road Trip Scenic Photos

Over the past several years my wife and I have logged about 30,000 miles driving back and forth from Alaska to Georgia on multiple trips. We always take the scenic routes and try to stay off the interstate when driving through the western U.S. Along the way we have seen an abundant amount of wildlife and picturesque landscapes.

The blue lake is in Jasper National Park Alberta, Canada. With deep blue skies, and white puffy clouds, along with the reflection of the mountain, this was a shot I could not pass up.

The photo of the rocky Utah landscape was my first time capturing long star spirals on our trip. This image took about 12 minutes to capture. I have since found a much easier way to do star spirals, without leaving my shutter open continuously for loooong periods of time. It’s a more foolproof way. Multiple captures, then layer them together post processing.

The Rocky Mountain Big Horn rams were hanging up high on an embankment above the roadway. I jumped out of the car, then they ran up higher crossed the top of the ridge and out of sight. I walked up the embankment, topped the ridge, back down the other side started through a field of sunflowers then spotted them several hundred feet away carelessly walking right toward me while eating the sunflowers.



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